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Import  Export

Our commitments can be summed up in 3 points   : 


Quality: with quality control and support in the procedures to ensure the quality / price ratio.

Logistics: with a strong commitment to delivery times.

Commercial: with a price requirement in order to provide you with the best costs.

Machines, equipment, accessories.


• Printing machine equipment

• Drilling and drilling equipment

• Biometric equipment

• Fruit and vegetable processing machine

• Used machines and tools

• Agricultural tools, equipment and machinery

• Monocrystalline solar panel

• Solar power panel

• Solar PV module • Farm tractor

• Agricultural hoses • Seeders

• Water treatment and ionic plants

• Air compressors, accessories and parts

• Bakery and dairy machines



We are a consulting company that develops synergies between Usa and Africa through our support, and our consultancy services between the two continents. We provide integrated services related to export and import.

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